Broken Crayons Still Color - Don Riddle

Broken Crayons Still Color


    Unused, whole crayons with pointed tips!  Such a joy to get a new box.  You could color and "stay within the lines" better.  No old blunt ones, or broken ones, or ones with the paper peeled off. New Crayons!  But, inevitably, I pressed too hard, and the crayon broke.  I didn't like broken crayons.  It had to be my favorites that broke.  You couldn't sharpen them that much, because they were too short.  I couldn't use them like I wanted, so they became less useful to me.


But broken crayons still color!  In the hands of one who is more interested in color than in crayons, works of art are produced.  Broken crayon pieces of art are seen everywhere:  on fridge doors, at desks at work, in hallways of hospitals, at restaurants, and, occasionally, on a stamp.


We're like crayons.  We break.  Sometimes, easily.  Often under pressure.  But we're afraid of being broken.  Someone will see my struggles.  Someone will see my faults.  I cant' be in control and, therefore, look normal.  I won't be as useful.  I won't have the same impact on people.  I'll be seen as a failure.


We see/feel the brokenness:  when families split, when sin reigns in life, when health fails and disease rules, when death leaves you alone, when life overwhelms, when there is so much to do and not enough energy to do it, when there are more bills that money, more problems than time to deal with them.


But broken crayons still color!   Moses ran when exposed as a murderer, and in his brokenness led a nation to freedom.  David asked God to "create in me a clean heart", and then he could teach others.  Paul, broken from a powerful, exalted position in Judaism, counted everything but loss, Phil 3, learned to let God's grace be sufficient in his brokenness, 2 Cor 12, and touched countless souls for Jesus.


Broken doesn't mean useless.  It just means that you are changed; prepared for a different task.  Broken may mean pruned, Jn. 15:2.  Broken may mean that you are cleansed, 1 Cor. 3: 12-15.  Broken means that you survived the "fire" and came out better on the other side.  Broken means that I give up control, and let God reshape my life to conform to His.  Broken means that I was useful before, but now I'm precious.


Broken crayons, unlike their new pointy-tipped ones, color a larger area, touch more paper, leave a wider mark, and still leave a brilliant color.  Broken lives don't mean that you are useless or less valuable, but on the contrary, you touch more, leave a wider influence, and bless many more.


Broken crayons still color!



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