J.O.Y. and an Eclipse - Mike Baker

J.O.Y. and an Eclipse

It’s 8:15 pm Tuesday evening. I’m sitting in the White River Medical Center in Batesville waiting for my mother to wake up so we can visit. She was admitted this afternoon and is being “observed”. Just the mention of my mother being observed sends my mind in a new direction. You see, I have observed my mother for more than half a century. I want to share two of those observations/teachings with you.

My mother is a word and deed person; her life reflects Someone greater. Her Christian example is evident making observations a simple task worthy of undertaking. I’m the middle of seven children (rapidly becoming senior citizens). Occasionally what I thought I saw was not what was modeled but even in those cases some additional teaching, a different perspective, or closer observation would reveal the true lesson.

I want to share two simple but powerful, life-changing lessons.  First, love people, use things. In our society it is easy to get trapped by the attractiveness of riches. When our life is driven by material desire we quickly lose the truth about ourselves & everyone around us Matthew 13 The Sower; Matthew 16:26. We must love others-only then do we reflect our Father’s love. What about those who are unlovable or at least hard to love? Mother, “the more unlovable someone appears the more love they need”. We can’t grow spiritually loving others because they first loved us, that is where we began as an infant. We must love others because God, our Father first loved us 1John 4:19; John 13:34.

The Second, closely related to the first, “it not about me”. Wow, it’s not about me. I’m not on the top of the list. I am on the list just not at the top or even in the second slot. Those two spots are filled, taken, reserved… God, number 1 and others number 2. Me, I come somewhere after that. As I live a day following that relational pattern, I find myself purposefully kinder and more considerate Matthew 5:16. Light shining honors God and leads us closer to Him. Pride and elevating self causes a solar eclipse where we are obscuring the very Light we are designed to reflect.


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