Minister: TBD

Deacons: Jack Martin, Randy Simmons, Future Deacons

Basic Involvement - Future Deacon 

Key Committee Members: Linda Bettis, Chad Hearne, Jeff Hinton

  • New Member Meal - Chad and Dawn Hearne

  • WE CARE - Linda Bettis

  • W.I.N.G.S (Widowed in God's Service) - Linda Bettis

  • S.O.S (Serving Our Seniors) – Jeff Hinton

  • Activity bags for kids - Jeff & Diana Hinton

  • Visitor Follow-Up - Jeff Hinton

Women’s Ministry - Future Deacon

Key Committee Members: Debbie Moreland, Amy Porter

  • Wedding showers, Baby showers, Sprinkle Showers - Elizabeth Copeland

  • Ladies Day (annual) - Amy Porter

  • Ladies Retreat (annual) - Debbie Moreland

  • Women Serving Solo (single, divorced, widowed, attending without spouse) - Sarah Ratzlaff, Linda Bettis

  • Heartfelt Ministries: (monthly Sept - May) older women host/teach younger women - Debbie Moreland

Men’s Ministry - Future Deacon

Key Committee Members: Josh Beall, Randy Simmons

  • Men’s Breakfast/Fellowship - Randy Simmons, Chad Hearne, Jack Martin

  • Men’s Retreat – Josh Beall

Children’s Ministry - Future Deacon

Key Committee Members: Amber Shapter

  • M.I.S.S. Maidens In Service for the Son (3rd-6th grade girls) - Amber Shapter

  • Makin’ Sunshine (kids K-6) - Kyndall Brown/Brittany Harless

  • Vacation Bible School - Tia Brauer, Emily Harrell


Food/Meals/Assistance - Future Deacon

Key Committee Members: Cindy Ledbetter, Leanne Pumphrey, Amber Shapter

  • Caring Cuisine (food assistance when available) - Kim King, Linda Bettis

  • Food for Families - Emily Harrell, Kimberly Ussery, Amber Shapter, Tia Brauer, and Leanne Griffin

  • Food Committee (meals for funerals, sick, etc.) - Cindy Ledbetter, Cindy Dunseath, Sarah Ratzlaff

  • Provide Sitter service (stay with person so family can go for appointments/errands) - Volunteers

  • Take a meal (new mom food assistance) - Leanne Pumphrey, Amber Shapter, Dawn Hearne

  • Take a meal (special needs) - Cindy Ledbetter, Leanne Pumphrey