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These ministries, organized by our ladies, offer times of fellowship and encouragement to our ladies and older widowed members.  These events help encourage and minister to the needs of a large demographic of our church family here at R&C.  These programs are led by Linda Bettis, Debbie Moreland, Elizabeth Copeland, Jessica Moreland, Michelle Tooke, and others.  Transportation for trips is provided by Andy & Sharon Messer and Wes & Jennifer King.  Additional event assistance is provided by Sherry Eason, JoJo Mills, Suzanne Smith, as well as several others.

Women Serving Solo

Women Serving Solo is just what it sounds like, it is for women who are at church alone.  They may be single, single again, widowed or women whose husbands don't attend with them.  This Ministry is led by Linda Bettis, offers a bi-annual "Appreciation Lunch" to encourage these members.

Heart Moms & Sisters

Heartfelt Moms and Sisters is a mentoring ministry of the R&C ladies, led by Debbie Moreland and Elizabeth Copeland.  They meet in homes throughout the school years for devotional times, for mentoring, and fellowship.

Wings - Widows

W.I.N.G.S. is a ministry led by Linda Bettis to serve and encourage our widows and widowers here at R&C.  Various activities and trips offer fellowship and opportunities for social interaction.  Most of these activities simply offer fun times with church friends.

Bethlehem House Meal Night

Bethlehem House is a local shelter that aids the homeless and helpless of the Conway community.  We host a Meal Night there multiple times each month.  Both cooks and servers are needed.  These Bethlehem House meal nights are organized by Michelle Tooke and Jessica Moreland.

We Care Ministry

WE CARE is an R&C ministry that helps minister to our Shut-ins and those who are unable temporarily to be out and enjoy the fellowship of our meeting times.  The intent is simply to let them know "We Care" through cards, calls, visits, etc.

Solo Strong

Solo Strong is a quarterly fellowship for our older unmarried women of similar life circumstances. Events include meals and fun activities.

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